Ryobi RC18120-213 ONE+ 18v Compact Charger & 2 x Li-Ion 1.3Ah Batteries


Product Description:


The Ryobi RC18120-213 2 Piece Pack contains:

2 x 18v 1.3Ah ONE+ Li-ion Batteries with a 4 stage fuel gauge that displays the remaining power (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%). Intellicell™ technology monitors and balances individual cells to maximise runtimes, storage life and safety. The tough pack design features built-in impact protection for long-term durability.

1 x 18v ONE+ Li-ion Compact Charger that charges at a rate of 2.0Amp/h meaning you can charge a 2.0Ah battery in 1 hour. Indicator lights show the status as batteries are charged and maintained. Intelligent condition monitoring, evaluates the battery’s voltage and temperature while charging ensuring long-term durability. Ready-to-go indicator shows when the battery has reached 80% capacity. Compatible with all ONE+ 18v Lithium-ion batteries.


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