CEL Charger for POWERhandle Battery


Product Description:


CEL Charger for POWERhandle Battery

This charger fits directly onto a POWERhandle.  It plugs directly into a mains outlet and thIs allows all the products to be used remote of the POWER8 case.

POWERhandle(Battery) and Charger purchased separately.

For other chargers see the POWER8 workshop case, which has a built in 1 hour fast charger and SCP (Secondary Charger Position) and the 1 hour Fast Charger, PHFC1.

POWERhandles can be purchased in several formats all 18V. Amp hour (Ah) ratings indicate the charge capacity, larger capacity will take longer to charge but allow longer working time.

Compatible with Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion POWERhandles including PH01, PH02, PH03, PH04, PH05, PH09, PH10, PH11, PH12, PH15

Product only provided with a UK 3 pin plug


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